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About Debbie

To run a lovely hotel is always Debbie’s dream, but it never turns into the reality. Years of working in IT industry made her into a Sales VP in a big international enterprise. But the flame is still there, the desire is never gone…

She has visited more than 20 countries and stayed more than 100 different hotels among the world. She always treats customers as friends, and those friends made her experience local customs and practices; in the same time, she learnt the fundamental need of all travelers. Now, she made up her mind to follow her heart by creating a place for business people-that is Deb’s Serviced Apartment.

About Deb’s Serviced Apartment

Deb’s apartment is not offering a hotel room with only mini bar, shower and bed; She realized in the beginning clients loved the luxurious service, but after a month they longed for their home. Thus, Deb’s serviced apartment would offer most of the aspects of your home.

Every room is furnished and equipped to the highest standards wherein utmost care has been taken to make your stay safe and comfortable. Beside the basic electronic items, moreover also provide you with a bike, so you could really live like a local. Cleaning is done with weekly base with the comforts of home away from home.