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Deb’s Serviced Apartment is located in between Fusing 1st Rd and Wenhua 3rd Rd. in Guishan Township, Taoyuan County, where is also in between Taipei city and Taoyuan International Airport. With the advantage of geographic, Deb’s serviced apartment can be the best choice for businessmen and travelers who require long stay to work in Hwa-Ya Technology Park, Chang Gung Hospital business field and Linkou area.

Routes of Traffic

5 minutes to Hwa-Ya Technology Park (by bike)
5 minutes to Chang Gung Hospital (by bike)
3 minutes to interchange of Chung-Shan Freeway (by car)
25 minutes to Tao-Yuan International Airport (by car)
20 minutes to Taipei City downtown (by car)
3 minutes to Supermarket (by bike)


By Car:

  1. Take Chung-Shan Freeway, and get off at Linkou Interchange 41A of Chung-Shan Freeway, drive toward Kuei Shan through Wen Hwa 1st Rd.
  2. Turn right when you see Fusing 1st Rd.
  3. Turn left when you see Wen Hwa 5th Rd.
  4. Turn Right When you see Wendong 3rd Rd.

By Bus:

  1. Formosa Fairway Bus:
    Taipei Train Station Linkou Chang Gung Hospital
    Taipei Chang Gung Hspital Linkou Chang Gung Hospital
    Tao Yuan Train Station Linkou Chang Gung Hospital
  2. Tao Yuan Bus:
    Tao Yuan Train Station Linkou Chang Gung Hospital Taipei International Airport
    Please take a 5-minute taxi from Linkou Chang Gung Hospital to Deb’s serviced apartment, taxi fee is NT$70, or take a 15-20 minutes walk.